The Front Garden

The Front Garden EP61 - Peter Donegan

October 18, 2022 LVML Members Chris Weiss & Tyson Owen Season 6 Episode 1
The Front Garden
The Front Garden EP61 - Peter Donegan
Show Notes
Kicking off Season 6 is an interview with Irish landscape designer, Peter Donegan. 

Starting out as the geeky kid who was 'into plants', Peter launched his own landscaping  business  in 2001, at age 24. He has become known for winning awards for 17th and 18th century gardens across Europe. Notably, he was selected to represent Ireland to design & realise the Irish WW1 Centenary Peace Garden at Chateau de Péronne in 2018, and returned to design a second inaugurated garden in 2022.

In this episode, he talks with Chris and Tyson about the privilege and responsibility of working on historic gardens, the influence of climate change on his choice of plantings, his favourite garden project, and the inspiration for the show garden he has planned as guest designer at MIFGS 2023. 

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(**Note: this episode was recorded online, and listeners may experience some variations in audio in parts.)

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