The Front Garden

The Front Garden EP62 - Julie Krieger

November 01, 2022 LVML Members Chris Weiss & Tyson Owen Season 6 Episode 2
The Front Garden
The Front Garden EP62 - Julie Krieger
Show Notes

What makes a small business thrive? This week, Chris and Tyson speak with Julie Krieger, founder of Onsomble, a business management service specialising in supporting small organisations to achieve success. 

After flirting with studies in landscape design, Julie Krieger eventually found herself as the CEO of The Landscape Association, working with landscapers in NSW and ACT. Her experience working in an association gave her valuable insights into the needs of small businesses, and in 2017 she established of Onsomble. In this episode, Julie discusses the importance of business strategy and planning, knowing when to say ‘no’, and planning for failure on your journey to success. 

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(**Note: this episode was recorded online, and listeners may experience some variations in audio in parts.)