The Front Garden

The Front Garden EP63 - George Hatzimanolis

November 15, 2022 LVML Members Chris Weiss & Tyson Owen Season 6 Episode 3
The Front Garden
The Front Garden EP63 - George Hatzimanolis
Show Notes

In this week's episode, Chris and Tyson speak with George Hatzimanolis, CEO of RepurposeIt, a Melbourne based resource recovery business that converts waste to materials for the construction and landscape industries. 

After working in the roads sector for many years, George discusses the moment he visited an open-cut mine and realised the impact of road infrastructure and urban development on our natural resources. This eventually led him on the path toward the circular economy, and RepurposeIt was born in 2017. 

George talks to Chris and Tyson about the growing demand for recycled materials, how Australia differs culturally in its approach to recycling compared to European countries like Denmark, and how a mindful approach to recycling could help keep costs down in the landscaping industry.

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